platinumPlatinum has a long history, it has been used since the antiquity but its popularity has been increased over the last 200 years. It was held during the Egyptian times.

The Spanish conquistadors while searching for gold in the new world found this material and called it “little silver”. At the first moments it was considered not to have a great value, until the 18th century it didn’t arrive to Europe.

Nowadays, the platinum is far more valuable than gold, its initial uses were so limited because its high melting point. Ought to the advance of the techniques it became a metal easy to manipulate.

Platinum is a white metal and it’s considered the strongest precious metal used in jewelry. Its use in diamond engagement rings has become very popular in the last years because brings out the brilliance of the diamonds even more than gold.

Despite its growing popularity, platinum remains one of the world’s rare metals. The annual worldwide production of platinum amounts to some 160 tons, compared to about 1,500 tons of gold.