goldGold is used by humans since thousand of years ago, it has been always an important element for all the civilizations. Used as ornamental material ought to its beauty and as a measure of value, even nowadays there are many countries that manage their economies depending on their gold reserves. The gold still been a economical indicator.

This mineral can be found in the nature. In its natural state it’s called pure gold, fine gold or 24 carat gold. The 24 carat gold is extremely manipulable and usually is mixed with other materials in order to increase its strength and durability.

The gold is a stainless metal and that is one of the reasons that maintain its brightness and color. It’s very inactive and isn’t affected by air, hot, humidity, and most of the solvents.

Its point of fusion is 1.064° and its pint of boil is  2.970° C.

The gold has 3 color varieties. The yellow gold is the most frequent one. White gold is created with a percentage of silver or a selection of other metals. The percentage of naturally gold varies depending on the combination. Its use predates before than the platinum one. Rose gold is made with copper and sometimes silver, the proportions are one part of copper and three of 24 carat gold.

Gold is durable, sturdy, dependable, and makes an ideal setting for your precious diamond jewelry. However, to get a lifetime of enjoyment from your jewelry, be sure to keep it clean and safe.