What to ask for when buying a Diamond Online

There are some services that should be available in both, online and offline shops and represent the quality and compromise of the company. As for example:

Customer service: you have to be sure that the shop has a number to contact them and pay attention to the hours in which it’s available because there are some shops where they only response calls during two hours in the morning or afternoon. A good company would be available for eight hours at day to solve its clients’ questions.

Return policy: this section should be read carefully! Most of the sites include a 30 day return policy but there are some which allow returning only with a fee payment. The jewels that have been personalized with love inscriptions or the ones that have been creating according to a personal design are not included.

Lost/damaged shipment policy: this will guarantee that in case your jewel would be lost or damaged the shipment company or the jewelry is going to pay for the cost of the reparation or for the cost of a new jewel. You should be sure that the company provides this case of insurance.

Diamond certificates: it doesn’t care from which lab do it come from but the most recommend sites to buy are those that can provide AGS or GIA certificates. There are many other recognize labs, and even there are some stores that offer their own certificates. See some advices and information about diamonds in visit makeityourring diamond engagement rings.

Secure transactions: lately this is guaranteed by almost all the web sites, the personal information is automatically encoded for avoid phishing and inappropriate use of the information. Some shops include secure systems as PayPal.

Privacy policy: most of the websites include their own privacy policy, review it to be sure that the information you are going to share with them isn’t going to be send to other advertise or marketing companies.