Origin of word Diamond


The word diamond comes from the old Greek, “Adamas” which means invincible. The diamond was associated to this word for giving it the same meaning of the strongest material known in the world, there is no comparing force, diamonds are everlasting. The shine is so intense that this is one of the characteristic for distinguish the fake from the real ones.

In the past, diamonds were seen as charms or amulet that increased the love that a man felt for his woman. It’s even said that the Cupid’s arrows have the end made of diamonds, what gave them as special magic.

There are lots of legends about the origin of the diamonds, Greeks thought they were fragments of the stars and some of them even said that were tears of the Gods. There is another believe widespread that says that there where a land in Central Asia where an inaccessible diamond valley protected by dangerous animals could be found. The truth is that the real origin of diamonds still being a mystery even for scientists and gemologists.

Diamond is the strongest gem known by humans but also the simplest one in its composition. Its fusion point is two times and a half higher than the steel. Millions of years ago, two elemental forces as heat and pressure transformed the coal into diamonds inside of big shafts of boiling magma.