Diamond engagement rings history

One of the most important moments of a couple’s life is the moment in which one of both asks the other for marriage, closing the agreement with the engagement ring symbol, the first formal agreement between the couple, a promise of been together for a whole life.

The idea of the engagement rings come from Egypt, where the future wifes wear the ring in the 4th finger beginning from the thumb because the credence of connection between the vein of this finger with the heart. In those times, the engagement rings were very common, boyfriends used to offer them to their girlfriends as a symbol of a serious relationship and full of good intentions.

The first known engagement rings are from the second century and they had marriage inscriptions signed by the emperor, the rings in occident were given together with the following words: the husband gives this ring to his wife as sign if fidelity and even more, with the purpose of joining their lives forever.

Today engagement rings can be made of very different materials but the commonest one is the gold. Diamonds are used meaning that the love will be as strong and pure as it is. It’s believed that the diamond tradition comes from an old idea in which the shine of the diamond was as the shine of the heart plenty of love.

In the fifteen century women from the aristocracy began to use diamonds in their personal jewelry. The first diamond engagement ring conserved comes from this same year and was given from Maximiliano of Austria to Maria, daughter of the Burgundy’s duke. A reproduction of the ring could be found in the Kunsthistorisches museum of Vienna, in this model diamonds compose the letter “M” regarding to the Virgin Maria but also to the eternal union of Maria and Maximiliano.

Nowadays diamonds symbolize more than beauty and love. The best Hollywood actress fight every year for wearing the most spectacular diamonds or diamonds engagement rings!