Diamond curiosities

diamondcuriositiesTheir first use was for polish the axes. In China the axes were made of ruby and sapphire and as the diamond is the second more resistant material in the earth they were used in order to give a mirror appearance to the axes more than 4500 years ago. See how much have their uses changed in makeityourring diamond engagement rings

Diamonds aren’t the most resistant substance in our planet. Diamonds are the most NATURAL resistant substance in the earth because in 2005 a team of scientists managed for Natalia Dubrovinskaia created a substance called ADNRs (Aggregated Diamond Nanorods) that is a 11% stronger than natural diamonds.

Diamonds aren’t all small; there is one with the moon size! In 2004, the astronomer Travis Metcalfe form the Astrophysics center of Hardware discovered a dead star of 4 thousand kilometers of diameter that has turned into a diamond after lost all its energy. It`s a pity because this diamond is in the Centaur Constellation, a 50 light-years from the earth. There are also other big diamonds like the Hope Diamond of 45 carat or the Golden Jubilee with 546 carat!

The sentence “A diamond is forever” has its origins in 1948 when a French writer, Frances Gerety, gave the meaning according to the physical characteristics of the gem.