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Why Engagement Rings are usually made of Diamond?

The wedding is one of the most important moments of our lifes, and is the moment in which two different persons become into the same one.

The solitaire (engagement ring with one diamond)is the biggest symbol of love and compromise and also a hundred-year-old tradition.

The tradition of wearing a diamond ring in the forth finger of the hand comes from Egypt as they thought that the “amoris vein” (the love’s vein) came directly from the finger to the heart.

The word diamond comes from the old Greek, where “Adamas” meant invincible. The diamond was associated to this word to describe the strongest material know in the Earth.

The first shaped diamonds appeared in Europe in the XIII century as the  main gem of incredible gold jewels. The first known company specialized in  diamonds in the world was established in Venice the commercial capital in  those moments.

The first engagement rings known in the world were offered as a symbol of  love and marriage in the II century and they had inscriptions signed by the  imperator.

Diamonds were seen as talismans that helped love in the most difficult  moments. It’s even said that Cupido’s arrows have the points made of  diamonds!

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