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How to Take Care of Your Diamond Rings

The cleaning products can damage the diamond of your ring leaving it without brightness. Also, if it’s dirty it wouldn’t shine as it should.

If the diamond has been exposed to clarity enhanced treatment you can only wash it with a soft washing powder, if not you can mix water with ammoniac to clean it. Follow these 4 steeps!

  1. Find a small bowl and put the ring inside covered with detergent (or the mix mention before)
  2. Take another bowl full of water
  3. Use a brush (maybe one for the teeth)
  4. Dry the ring in a woolen cloth

First of all, you need to introduce the ring into the water bowl during 10 minutes in order to make easier the cleaning. Then, begin to brush the ring and apply the detergent until the moment you see it’s completely cleaned. Then dry it with the cloth and it will be as shiny as it was the first time!